Celebrate our (semi-) annual "Winter of Love" show, as it takes new shape this year under the banner of "4 More Years of Winter," with Coffin Ships, Chris Salmon (Crush Kill Destroy) & Ante/Contra DJs.

January 29, 2012
The Whistler
2421 N. Milwaukee Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60647



Part-art. Part-band. Totally Fatalist.

Host Skull is a new venture from multi-instrumentalists David Bernabo and Will Dyar that aims to play with the concept of a band, while making interesting and engaging music. Since the band is split between Pittsburgh and Sante Fe, this obstacle has provided the chance for Host Skull to double. Instead of one band, Host Skull will consist of two bands that operate in different cities. This disjointed, yet distinct identity reveals itself on the debut full-length, Totally Fatalist, from the ensemble.

Totally Fatalist consists of eleven tracks that speak in one voice of many parts. There are moments of 5ive Style-inflected guitar cut short by skwonky staccato rhythms, dub bass, and pop bliss. Jagged pop songs are crafted and (de)constructed with 70s-era orchestrations of stirring horns and keys, flutes, flowering guitars, smooth vocals, and a melange of melodies, all undercut with a tilting post-rock articulation. The resulting record plays like a summer hangout session one always remembers and one hopes doesn't end.

Get your copy of the LP now, see them at the Pittsburgh release show at the Brillbox on 9/22, request them on your favorite college station, and keep tabs on the Host Skull art factory with the group scoring silent films at the Andy Warhol Museum and upcoming gallery exhibitions.

New ROOMMATE Moves into Your Record Collection; Guilty Rainbow Available Now

The Chicago quartet Roommate have been steadily amassing legions of fans since the first bedroom recordings of singer/songwriter Kent Lambert leaked out of his old Brooklyn apartment nearly ten years ago. The latest batch of songs to emerge from Lambert's pen is the most focused and fleshed-out yet, as Guilty Rainbow, the band's third full-length release, stands out as a fully-formed group effort. With Lambert at the lead, supported by Gillian Lisee (Fruit Bats, Califone), Luther Rochester (Low Skies), and Seth Vanek (Love Raid), the instrumentation on Guilty Rainbow is at its most expressive and diverse as ever for Roommate - there are touches of vibraphone, autoharp, banjo, violin, Buchla Music Easel, (even a Game Boy gets a workout here), as well as programmed synths and traditional rock instruments. People are already taking note with press rolling in from Magnet Magazine, the Chicagoist, The Onion, and more.

Get your copy today of the limited edition-vinyl version and/or the digital version of Guilty Rainbow before the band heads out on tour and before its official release! Head on over to the Antephonic Store to secure your release before anyone else on your block. And check out the tour dates on their artist page to mark your calendar.

Roommate readies to ride "Guilty Rainbow"

Anticipation is building for Antephonic's new Roommate. "Snow Globe," the first single off the soon-to-be-released Guilty Rainbow LP, was premiered by Magnet Magazine last week, and is already inspiring legions of followers looking for the first great song of the year ... with a video of course that incorporates old-school Nintendo graphics into a stirring teenage narrative. (Check out the vid. It'll all make sense!) The former Plug Research recording artists will be playing a smattering of local Chicago shows till they head out on a full blown support tour for the late March (digital)/early April (ltd ed LP) of Guilty Rainbow. Check their Antephonic page for the full tour scoop.

Maccabee Everywhere

ANTEPHONIC is off to an auspicious start with the debut release from San Francisco chanteuse/violist Dina Maccabee and her Who Do You Suppose You Are. After a short engagement through the East Coast late this summer, Maccabee has been busy playing West Coast gigs and sitting back to enjoy reviews from the likes of Innocent Words, Baltimore City Paper, and radio charts from stations such as WOZQ at Smith College. Get your fix now by checking out the goods at her Antephonic page.

Host Skull and Waffles!

Dislocations: A Conversation about Place
12.30pm Sunday, Sept 25
Waffle Shop, 124 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, PA
Broadcast live worldwide online at

Join Jennie Benford, Dave Bernabo & Bre Short (of Host Skull), and Justin Hopper for a discussion of the shifting ways in which people relate to the places we inhabit in life, art, and death.

Historian, archivist, and Homewood Cemetery tour guide Jennie Benford will discuss cemeteries and what they say about the way we live. Musician Dave Bernabo and dancer Bre Short will perform "Fourth River" - Bernabo's psychogeographic composition about Pittsburgh - and talk with us about writing and choreographing about place.

We'll also invite you the audience, live in person or via email, to contribute your thoughts, or just hog some stage-and-web time by reading passages from John Clare's poetry about the last time this stuff happened. If you're interested in participating, either show up in person, or email Justin Hopper before Sunday morning if you're long-distance.

And all the while, you can eat waffles smothered in syrup and drink too-much-coffee from the Waffle Shop's ample kitchens.

MP3 Downloads

+ DINA MACCABEE "Driving Is Fun" (mp3)
+ DINA MACCABEE "Hi-Yo" (mp3)
+ ROOMMATE "Smothered In Hugs" (mp3)
+ ROOMMATE "Snow Globe" (mp3)

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